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Walkabout Trance

Beach Resort Getaway III

February 2012

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Power Communication,

Social Influence, and

Waking Suggestion

A Course in
Creative Waking Hypnosis and
Social Influence Techniques for
Sales, Communication, and Light Entertainment

Brian David Phillips , Ph.D., C.H.

February 18-19, 2012
Redondo Beach, CA, USA

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$400 USD



EROTICATRANCE Erotic Hypnosis Training
Please note that those who have previously registered for this event may receive an additional discount when registering for the EROTICATRANCE TWO event.

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Welcome to the hypnoparty!

The Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway is not just another hypnosis class. It is a training event but it is so much much more than that.
The walkabout trance gathering is a meeting of minds, an intensive experience in pure trancework, and . . . it's a hypnoparty like no other!
Experienced or novice, the walkabout trance has something just right for your skill levels . . and so very very much more.

Folks from all over the globe converge upon Redondo Beach for one of the most anticipated and fun hypnosis events around . . . having a wonderful time while learning and CREATING new approaches to social influence and waking hypnosis that have never been done before. This is the one event that can't be missed as it is a must-experience event!
e're going to have a lot of fun and a wonderful time during this beach resort getaway . . . but . . . we take our play very very seriously . . . participants will be practicing skills and immediately putting them into use in real world situations, the real skills . . . powerful techniques for improvisational and creative trancemaking that push beyond their former limits with real people in a beautiful beach resort setting.

This is Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Suggestion . . . and it's a whole LOT of FUN with a capital FUN! However, the techniques and understanding of the underlying principles of rapid social influence and improvisational waking hypnosis will stick with you and serve you in any context . . . supercharging your effectiveness and your results. Yep, it really is the best of both worlds . . . play and serious learning.

DATES: February 18-19, 2012
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (At The Crown Plaza Hotel at Redondo Beach
COURSE HOURS: 16 hours (two days) + After class group activities
LIMITED SEATING: Positions in the class are filled on the basis of first-come first-served.
PREREQUISITE: experience not required, but encouraged

COURSE FEE : $400 - There is a 20% ($80) discount as part of the Early Bird Special for those who register before 12 December, 2011. EROTICATRANCE Erotic Hypnosis Training Please note that those who have previously registered for this event may receive an additional discount when registering for the EROTICATRANCE TWO event.

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COURSE MATERIALS and BONUS VALUE GIFTS : In addition to the unique experience and exciting learning opportunity, students registered for the course also receive the basic course materials: Walkabout Waking Trance handbook by Brian David Phillips. There is more.
The first five registrations receive the powerful Hyp-No-Sleep Experiential Waking Hypnosis DVD training program in waking suggestion (US$400 value).
Registrations before November 11 also receive the Speed Hypnosis DVD set (US$500 value) while those who register prior to January 1 will receive a copy of the Gentle Speed Hypnosis DVD (US$80 value). Those who already own any of these titles may substitute other DVD or CD sets from the current product catalog at with the same or lower list value.

REGISTRATION : contact Richard Clark at to register and for other information.
CANCELLATIONS : After after 11/11/2011, $100 per person; after 01/01/2012, $200 per person; and after the course begins refunds are not possible.

Course Description:

Learn to use social influence and waking hypnosis in ways that are delightful and fun. Welcome to a hands-on course in Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Hypnosis instilling ways to improvise new techniques off the cuff in creative and extremely effective ways to use power communication and waking hypnosis for light entertainment, fun, and recreation . . . but with an understanding of applying powerful persuasive communication methods where appropriate within the same creative framework to supercharge and energize your ability to persuade and influence in social and business situations. This is a practical course in power communication, social influence, and waking hypnosis techniques with a hands-on approach to mastering the skills presented. This course is appropriate for anyone with an interest in increasing their competence in social or business communication as well as those with an interest in experiential waking hypnosis - from the curious hobbyist to the professional. The methods presented can be adapted and applied in a very wide range of contexts: street, entertainment, sales, recreational fun, education, presentational speaking, and intimate or romantic relationships.

Welcome to the Walkabout Trance . . . welcome to an incredible weekend . . . this program in Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Hypnosis is based upon a foundation in one of the most comprehensive and intensive seminars in power communication, social influence, and waking suggestion you can find. In this seminar, you will learn the real secrets of the truly effective communicators with creative twists that allow participants to begin improving effective new approaches to social influence on the fly at the get-go. The hand may be quicker than the eye, but in this course, you will learn how the psychology of waking suggestion and the principles of social influence can be attained quicker than the hand, the eye, or the suggestion of persuasive suggestion itself.

You will learn how to apply these techniques to any location, any context, and trance opportunity. You will learn the solid principles and techniques as well as the operators behind them that allow you to adapt to any situation and even create new adaptations of principles into improvisational techniques on-the-fly appropriate to any situation. These are the communication, influence, and suggestion methods that have been proven effective in walkabout trance street hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, entertainment hypnosis shows, club trance, sales situations, intimate social situations, educational contexts, and much much more.

Experienced and inexperienced hypnotists will find this course filled with powerful material that will take you to the next level of hypnotic skills and competence.

Since we will be holding this rare event at a beautiful beach resort, a special component of this unique course is that we will be practicing both in the classroom with one another and out on the boardwalk and in the clubs or restaurants with real live members of the public as our trance partners (consenting members of the public, of course). That's right, in addition to learning the principles and techniques themselves, you will learn walkabout trance techniques such as Walkup Approaches and Openers and how to maximize expectation and to engage and intensify a prospective communication partner’s imaginative involvement in order to ensure the success of your communicative patter. You will learn and test principles of social influence as well as defenses against inappropriate social engineering methods.

You will learn powerful principles and practice patterns and processes that are light and playful which can then easily be converted into full-on influence and even hypnotic phenomena in a waking state. You will also learn how these very same methods can be applied in day to day or even high-stakes influence situations and more.

You will learn how to take something simple like a suggestibility effects and turn it into deep hypnosis in very little time.

You will learn how to approach any situation or context and use these principles of power communication, social influence, and even waking suggestion to create completely original approaches out of whole cloth, improvisational influence creation, instantly. These walkabout/street influence and suggestion techniques can then be used very effectively on the sales floor with prospects or in the clinic with your hypnotherapy clients or in the club or elsewhere for simple trance fun, or even on stage as part and parcel to demonstrations or all-out entertaining performances.

What will you learn in this seminar?

We start at the beginning with the fundamentals . . . participants will learn the fundamentals of Power Communication, the real secrets that allow effective communicators to get their message across in straightforward, engaging, fluent, and powerfully effective ways. These fundamentals will include powerfully effective negotiating strategies and so very much more.

You will learn the laws of Social Influence and their corollaries and how they are applied in every area of human interaction. You will not just learn about these principles, you will engage in exercises that clarify them and make them part of your everyday arsenal of effective communication. Additionally, you will learn how these same principles are often unethically used by those who engage in Social Engineering along with solid defenses against their tactics. Become a proactive communicator rather than merely reacting to the tactics of others.

You will learn the principles of consensual experiential waking suggestion or waking hypnosis . . . and how they can be leveraged into full on hypnotic state without eye closure as well as how to create hypersuggestibility in other communication contexts.

You will learn, practice, and master a number of powerful principles and specific techniques to boost your ability as a communicator and social influencer.

Those who have taken hypnosis trainings from Dr. Phillips before as well as those who have attended the previous Walkabout Trance events will find this experience to be a delightful one as well . . . however, they will likewise find that the bulk of the material covered has not been covered before. This is our third Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway but it is a completely NEW experience with all new material and exercises.

Both newcomer and returning veteran alike will find the course to be well within their comfort zones and pushing them into new territory very quickly in creative and playful ways.

Obviously, a program such as the Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway course in Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Hypnosis is extremely adaptable. The key goal is to get folks up to speed and comfortable within the creative communication and influence mindset so that participants will be applying the principles in actual real-world situations as quickly as possible. The program is set as a modular building block approach so that material can be shifted and built upon as needed. All of the key basic components of the course orientation, philosophy, and technique will be covered in some way, although the specific order of presentation and coverage will vary depending upon specific participation. The modus operandi is to build upon solid foundations toward an endgame of playing with creative approaches.

Participants are strongly encouraged to leave any preconceptions regarding what effective communication, influence or even what hypnosis is or isn't or how it should or should not be performed at the door. Approach the activities in Redondo Beach as one would approach an adventure as a curious and playful child to truly enjoy and quickly master the material as an initiation into a special world of wonder and creative joyful exploration and competence. Pretend that anything and everything is new to you and that every activity is a special experiment in manifesting new ideas . . . take on the concepts and play with them as if they deep joyful truths . . . after the weekend, you can then debrief and decide which particular techniques work best for you and your style but at the beginning jump in and playfully enjoy and experiment with everything and more.

You will learn all of this and much, much, much more. Obviously, this is a very fast-paced and extremely comprehensive course. This is an intensive training in Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Hypnosis and as such requires clear concentration and full involvement on the part of students who must come ready to engage themselves fully in the process. Do not merely learn this material, learn how you can become a true master of POWER COMMUNICATION, SOCIAL INFLUENCE, and EXPERIENTIAL WAKING HYPNOSIS .


The course is taught by Dr. Brian David Phillips, an internationally known and respected hypnosis practitioner, educator, author, and entertainer. Dr. Phillips is President of the Society of Experiential Trance , is the editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Experiential Trance and was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Hypnotic Arts and Sciences . Dr. Phillips is the coordinator and chief instructor for the oldest English-language hypnosis and focused-trance practice group in Taiwan and is the owner and moderator of one of the largest online email discussion communities related to hypnosis and focused trance techniques. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars on hypnosis, focused trance, and experiential hypnosis as well as a number of webinars (web-based seminars) on these and related subjects. Dr. Phillips is an associate professor at National Chengchi University. Dr. Phillips uses rapid and instant hypnosis inductions routinely in his Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show , the only ongoing entertainment comedy hypnosis stage show in Taiwan.

Teaching Methods:

This course relies upon a very fast-paced system of demonstration and practice. More than any other course, this seminar consists of solid lecture with powerful examples and case studies along with technique demonstration, explanation, practice, practice, practice. While Dr. Phillips has been teaching communication and influence for well over two decades at universities on two continents, this experience is NOT intended as merely a classroom lecture or passive learning experience. It is a very fast-paced and energetic program so students should come ready, willing, able, and eager to jump right in and run full speed ahead. The teaching methodology is very active. Students will learn through all of their sensory learning channels, particularly aural, visual, and kinesthetic . . . listening, seeing, and doing . . . as it is a practical applications competence course, there is a great deal of supervised "doing" with immediate and useful feedback. While we will certainly have solid explanation of principles and theoretical groundwork, technique discussion will most-often follow a demonstrational-practice model. Typically, for each subject or technique, the training is within the following process model: 1. instructor briefs students on the topic, 2. instructor demonstrates technique with student volunteer, 3. the demonstration is then broken down into steps, 4. students then practice the technique several times with one another under guidance of the instructor with ongoing feedback, 5. class debriefs about experience and technique with performance notes from instructor, 6. students continue advanced practice (including homework for some techniques), 7. final debriefing with instructor.

The course focuses upon competence and application of material. Taking advantage of the environment and foot traffic in and around the beautiful beach resort which acts as the venue for this getaway training, we will incorporate formal and informal walkabout trance style practice sessions in which students will be grouped into “teams” and asked to go out and just do it by politely approaching members of the public and inviting them to act as consenting trance partners to experience the wonderful blissful state of hypnosis.

Course Materials:

Students will receive the updated edition of the course manual, Walkabout Waking Trance: Power Communication, Social Influence, and Waking Suggestion by Brian David Phillips, detailing theoretical groundwork, principles, and specific application exercises.

Please, students may not use recording devices during the course. However, the instructor may record portions of the training. Participation in this seminar implies consent to be recorded on video, audio, and photograph.


Please Note , participants may  not  use recording devices during the seminar. However, as is typical, the instructor will record the training. Participation in this seminar is considered explicit consent to be recorded on video, audio, and photograph. You must participate, wallflowers need not register.

Videos are used for archival purposes as well as for possible training products. Participants wishing their own copies of any resulting DVD programs will be given the opportunity to purchase pre-release copies at a substantial savings from the retail price.

What Others Say:

Here are some comments from past students and participants in events by Brian David Phillips . . .

"Brian, you are one of the most well known and most highly respected hypnotists in the world, and I was thrilled to be at your recent Walkabout Trance workshop. It was great fun, but more than that it was enlightening for me and the others that attended. Taking it to the streets was a challenge for me, I have to admit. But putting it in practice gave me an additional skill that really makes hypnosis more interesting. I created a Hawaii Retreat in April and while I was there with my members having dinner, I hypnotized the waiter using your techniques and he had a straw stuck in his hands and the entire place was amazed.
"You are a solid instructor and a great pleasure to learn from. It is true, you can teach this old dog some new tricks... and I thank you for that."

Wendi Friesen

"When I first got to Taiwan in 2004, I was lucky enough to attend Brian’s monthly meetings and hypnosis teachings. Although I was already trained in hypnosis in my psychology program and through NLP and through membership in ASCH, I found Brian to be the most versatile and knowledgeable teacher of hypnosis I had ever met. He knows all the literature and is generous with his knowledge. He knows all the theory and yet he can apply it in the street or on the stage. Although I am particularly impressed with his skills of Rapid Induction, he can pretty much use any technique at any time with any person in any situation. I find him amazing, a real treasure, and am one ole dog happy to learn new tricks from a down to earth master who is ethical and very, very good with all kinds of people. I can highly recommend Brian to you without reservation."

Dr. Joseph Vidmar
Louisiana Psychological Association

"Wow what an experience! Brian was a great teacher and a lot of fun. He brings a truly great academic mind to the table, then teaches with all the fun and vitality of the great stage hypnotist he truly is. His playful style engenders confidence and he cajoles the best out of each participant He is caring, supportive and keen to see that each student "gets it" in a way that can be immediately put it to practical use. I particularly enjoyed the trance games that assured that we practiced and observed with new partners several times in each exercise. The walk about trance experience was really a lot of fun and generated a wonderful camaraderie. A worthwhile learning experience and a perfect hypnotist's mini-vacation… Kudos to Brian …. Brian.. I'll see you on the next American tour .... for sure."

Dr. Hugh Cole
Texas Tranceman

"I have been in the "professional" side of hypnosis since around 1987, and in that time, going to conventions and reading posts on the internet.. I kept coming across this guy from Taipei, Taiwan. Brian David Phillips. His posts were always very insightful.. his advice was to the point.. and he seemed like the kind of teacher that really cared about his students actually "GETTING IT".
When I finally had the wonderful opportunity to meet him at a seminar he was teaching... I realized that he is WAY WAY more than he lets on in his postings. Here is a man who can teach basic hypnosis in the morning and shift right into Advanced techniques in the same module. Not just teaching them, but presenting them in such a way that even beginners can grasp the concepts and learn the skills. His wit is sharp and while you are busy laughing at his comments, his teachings slip right into your unconscious now and you learn at the deepest levels of your mind.
Well versed in Stage Presentation, Instant Inductions, hypnotic history and usage in "mystical" cultures, as well as the leading edge medical uses for hypnosis, this is a guy that you want to hang around and learn all the little nuance's that he imparts to his classes. It is obvious from the first moment you meet him that he is one of the teachers who really gets it. I am looking forward to his next seminar.. and the chance to share some time with him."

Richard Rumble
"Mister Hypnosis" , Comedy Hypnosis Shows

"Brian David Phillips is an outstanding instructor. His knowledge of hypnosis theory and practice makes any training with him extremely valuable. Brian’s teaching style is fun and playful, and encourages students to participate and learn by doing. If you want to learn instant and rapid hypnotic inductions and how to perform them safely, I recommend Brian David Phillips as an excellent instructor.
Brian, I have a lot respect for you as an educator and as a hypnotist. You always share what you know freely and this is something that I also respect and I am thankful for all you have shared with me."

Sean Michael Andrews
"The World's Fastest Hypnotist"

"Brian is a GIFTED master of hypnosis. He makes everything appear so easy and effortless that you know you are learning from a master. His classes are not only filled with learning but also with kindness, and fun. What a wonderful way to spend your time. If you are looking for a class or workshop to hone your skills, make the decision to learn from Brian David Phillips. Awesome skills, awesome fun and a person full of integrity, which is hard to find! Don't miss an opportunity to study with him."

Seth-Deborah Roth , CRNA, CCHt, CI

"I attended Brian David Phillips's Experiential Walkabout Trance event not too long ago, and I've got nothing but positive things to say about it. Brian covered a vast amount of really useful material in a small period of time. The workshop gave lots of opportunities to not only learn the material, but practice it as well. All the risk taking opportunities given really helped me to get over inhibitions regarding spontaneously offering hypnosis experiences to both strangers and colleagues. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you really want to be at the top of your game as a hypnotherapist of stage performer, I highly recommend this work."

Sylvia Brallier
Dancing in the Eye of Transformation
Director of the Tantric Shamanism Institute

"Hi Folks, I just got home from Brian David Phillip's Walkabout Trance for Speedy Inductions and I'd like to say a few words about Dr. Phillips and his workshop.
"I really didn't know what to expect. From reading his posts, my sense of his personality was that he was incredibly intelligent, energetic, and had a copious knowledge of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and it's attending arts….

"I … decided to keep an open mind about him and his teaching methods when I signed up for the Walkabout.

"Well, my stars (who says that in the 21st Century?). Besides the fact that he teased me mercilessly (I think we are at a count of 47 zingers in one day), I thought he was delightful, generous, and funny. Dr. Brian David Phillips funny? Oh, yes. Very. He has outstanding comedic timing. And the thing that was most surprising? Incredibly loving. The big teddy-bear of a man is just a gooey marshmallow of love. Who knew?

"And I loved, just loved, every second of his workshop. It ended way, way, way too quickly. A case of time distortion at it's finest. I met incredibly wonderful people (as is always true at a hypnosis convention) …. Everything was perfectly executed. You know that it's a great workshop when you have a bunch of stage hypnotists there, and Wendi herself. That tells you something."I was so pleased with this workshop I wish I could do it again next weekend, now that I know what to expect from Dr. BDP."

Stephanie Rothman , C.Ht., EFT, NLP

"Brian's class was very engaging and involved a hands on approach which allowed all the participants to learn through creative exploration. He made learning fun and provided a safe and nurturing environment for practice. The techniques taught by him were useful and readily applicable, be it in the field of entertainment or changework. I have personally benefited greatly from his counsel.
"If you are curious about the incredible power of the mind and like to expand your comfort zone, I'd highly recommend you get in touch with Brian."

Ujjwal Dharmaraj

"I attended one of Brian's trainings in February, and have been a long-time reader of his blog. As an experienced hypnotist, I can attest that he is exceptionally competent and sets the bar by which others are measured. He is well-versed in both hypnotic theory and practical application, and gives professional and exciting demonstrations of the skills needed to become a hypnotist. Brian's creativity also shines through in his work - one of the most challenging parts of his training was being given the task of creating new techniques on-the-fly. You don't get out of his class without proving that you can do it. I highly recommend his training to anyone who is serious about learning hypnosis, and I am eager to see what Brian creates in the future."

Taylor Sherman

"Thank you for the marvelous course. I enjoyed the five evenings together with you. I will definitely be there if you open another course."

Sandy Chang

"I just want to say thank you for a arranging such a wonderful class with many resources and demonstration. It was one probably the most enjoyable training I have ever attended.
"Again, thank you for a wonderful training, especially, it is so unique and made me start to think in different ways."

Patsy Wu

Online Resources:

The Venue:

The Crown Plaza Hotel - Redondo Beach and Marina is an exclusive resort destination with all the amenities you'd expect. Pool, Spa, Gym, Tennis Court, Restaurant, Lounge, Dance Club, and more all right across the street from the warm Pacific Ocean. Redondo Beach, swimming, marina, and pier with shops and entertainment are right out the front door.

We've negotiated a substantial reduction in room rates (normally $214+tax in Feb.) and once you've registered for the event we will send you our registration code. Event participants pay only $149+tax per night for single or double occupancy! And, we'll be happy to help with arranging room mate connections making this a truly affordable as well as enjoyable event.

February 18-19, 2012
Redondo Beach, CA, USA

Join The Hypno-Party!

$400 USD



EROTICATRANCE Erotic Hypnosis Training
Please note that those who have previously registered for this event may receive an additional discount when registering for the EROTICATRANCE TWO event.

s e e
for details

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